Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unable to add VMs to a pool in RD Connection Manager on RD Connection Broker - no VMs appear

Today when I tried to start up a Remote Desktop Services Pooled VM, I got the following message:

This correlated with the following Event ID on the RD Connection Broker:
  • Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-SessionBroker/Operational
  • Source:        Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-SessionBroker
  • Date:          7/26/2011 1:37:28 PM
  • Event ID:      802
  • Task Category: RD Connection Broker processes connection request
  • Level:         Error
  • Keywords:     
  • User:          NETWORK SERVICE
  • Computer:      PYRAMID.ash.local
  • Description:
  • RD Connection Broker failed to process the connection request for user ASH\kristin.
  • Farm name specified in user's RDP file (hints) could not be found.
  • HRESULT = 0x88130018.
On the RD Virtualization Host server, I got this event log error in the application log:
  • Log Name:      Application
  • Source:        Microsoft-Windows-WMI
  • Date:          7/26/2011 1:46:07 PM
  • Event ID:      5605
  • Task Category: None
  • Level:         Warning
  • Keywords:      Classic
  • User:          N/A
  • Computer:      ROCKY.ash.local
  • Description:
  • The root\cimv2\TerminalServices namespace is marked with the RequiresEncryption flag. Access to this namespace might be denied if the script or application does not have the appropriate authentication level. Change the authentication level to Pkt_Privacy and run the script or application again.
On the RD Connection Broker, I removed and re-added the RD Virtualization Host server that houses the VMs for the VM pool was trying to access. I got a dialog box telling me that the "RDS hyper-v agent service was stopped" and the VMs for that virtualization host server would ont be available until it was started.

I naturally looked in the Services.msc to start the stopped service but it was not there. At least not listed as such.


I stopped and restarted the following services on the RD Virtualization Host server:

  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management
  • Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Agent (a dependant service)
  • RemoteFX Session Licensing (a dependant service)
Issue solved.


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