Sunday, July 24, 2011

Screensaver (and screen power off option) does not activate on Windows 2008 R2

This also is not RDS specific but I am glad it’s now fixed so I am going to share it. An issue I had with my Windows 20008 R2 64bit laptop was that the screen saver would not start. I did find out (through trial and error) that if I run the screensaver (c:\windows\system32\bubbles.scr) from the RUN box, it comes on, and when I move my mouse, it goes away. So at least I had a workaround to needing to walk away from my laptop and not have my desktop stuff burned onto the screen over time. However, this is stupid and painful. I just want a silly screensaver to work!!!
Thankfully I found this:
I installed the latest Intellipoint software, as I do use a Microsoft optical mouse. This fixed my screensaver issue.

Incidentally, the screen now also turns off after the specified amount of time, whereas before I installed the latest Intellipoint, this power saving feature did not work.

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