Wednesday, February 10, 2010

w32tm and VMs

Configuring Time synchronization on your servers is pretty easy. There are articles like this one that walk you through it like this one:;EN-US;816042

and this one for syncing clients on a domain to a DC:

But what if your DC's are virtual machines? Mine are. And yep, I ran into issues.

I could configure them until the cows came home, but my time on the PDCe would not change (and was off by about 20 minutes....VERY annoying!)

To fix, I had to set the HOST machine (a member of my domain) to synchronize to an external time source. (For me, here in Seattle the time source I use is: (CNAME

Then turned off the windows time source on the PDCe, and set hyperv integration on this VM to use the Integration time sync.

I ran the command: w32tm /resync and WHAMMO, all my clocks updated. immediately.
And stayed that way.

A friend of mine said he did the flip flop of this: he turned off the HyperV Time Synchonization service (under Integration services) and that worked for him.

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  1. Thanks for the insight...I worked on this VM issue for 2 days.