Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time To Participate in the Project VRC "State of the VDI and SBC union 2015" Survey

In 2013 and early 2014, Project VRC released the annual 'State of the VDI and SBC union' community survey - over 1300 people participated! The results of this independent and truly unique survey have provided many new insights into the usage of desktop virtualization around the world. You can download those survey results for free here:

This year Project VRC would like to repeat this survey to see how our industry has changed and to take a look at the future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and Server Based Computing in 2015.

About Project VRC:

The independent R&D project ‘Virtual Reality Check’ (VRC) ( was started in early 2009 by virtualization experts Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt) and Jeroen van de Kamp (@thejeroen). Project VRC focuses on research in the desktop and application virtualization market. Project VRC has published several white papers covering virtualization topics such as:
  • The performance and best practices of different hypervisors
  • Application virtualization solutions
  • Windows Operating Systems in server hosted desktop solutions and the impact of antivirus

About The Survey:

  • Everyone who is involved in building or maintaining VDI or SBC environments is invited to participate in this survey.
  • Because the success of the survey is determined by the amount and quality of these responses, only survey participants will receive the exclusive overview report with all results immediately after the survey closes.
  • This survey should take only ten minutes of your time.
  • The questions of this survey are both functional and technical in nature. Here are a few questions that you will answer:
  1. Which is the mostly used Antivirus solution in the VDI/SBC environment?
  2. Which desktop/server image deployment-cloning-personalization solution(s) are currently used for the VDI/SBC environment?
  • The survey will be closed February 15th this year.

How To Take The Survey:

Your input is important!
Come take the survey and help make the Project VRC “State of the VDI and SBC union 2015” survey a success!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

2012 RDS Without RD Connection Broker

I recently had someone ask about how they could go about setting up a simple 2012 RDS farm but without Rd Connection Broker - they have their own load balancer that they had used with their 2008 R2 deployment and they want to continue to use it.

I personally don't have experience with setting up RDS deployments without RD Connection Broker, but some of you may want the info I found doing a quick search:
And its not much:

Guidelines for installing the Remote Desktop Session Host role service on a computer running 

Windows Server 2012 without the Remote Desktop Connection Broker role service

 I also found this regarding using F5  BIG-IP LTM  with an RDS deployment: 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My First Hate Mail!!

Well, after five years of being an RDS MVP, I was starting to wonder about my credibility. Did anyone really read what I wrote? Did it ever help anyone? Maybe I should just throw in the towel and stop my writing shenanigans....And then it happened: my first hate e-mail!

I will treasure it forever! See below...

From: Scott Mxxxxxxx []
Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 2:00 PM
Subject: RDS tech sites


I have been looking for a solution to an issue at my company but the only things I can find are your self-promoting link and no real solution.

Would you please stop spamming the MS technet sites with your blog address and same WMI permission links?

Thank you,


Scott Mxxxxxxx
Solutions Engineer

Enterprise Information Systems for
Rehabilitation Service Providers

Thank you, Scott! You made my day.

Now, just to be clear, I think Scott is a little shaky on what spam is. Any threads I contribute to on TechNet were responses to community questions, written with the sole purpose of helping others. That's what MVPs do. Since people are asking for help, that's not spam.

So what is spam?

Here is one example of "spam":

This is also spam (so yummy with rice! I know all you islanders know what I am talking about!)

This is a song about spam:

Now, if in your internet searches, you find something that is not of use to you,  here is what you can do:

1. Change your search key words
2. Take a break and come back when you have more ideas
3. Follow this pictorial guide:



PS - It gets better! This guy just won't quit! He sent another email telling me what spam was, and showed me where I had supposedly plopped down some of this spam on the internet:

So, just to point out, this thread is like 4 years old.....hahahahah. And, why would I answer twice with the exact same entry?? The answer is: I would not.  The forum sometimes does this (adds an entry twice or more). We don't know why.  Yay for automation. Maybe Scott can email Microsoft and tell them they are spamming people and to cut it out.  HAHAHAHAHAH

Have a heart, Scott! Please don't email me anymore! (but just in case you do, I have blocked your address).

The rest of you cool RDS community folks, please send your questions.  I am happy to help you, or refer you to someone who might be able to help should I not be able to. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Devolution’s Remote Desktop Manager Online Enables Global Collaboration

I recently wrote a review of Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Online product.

I really like this product and have switched to using this tool exclusively for access and credential management. Check out the review!

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Blog -

Hi Folks,

I have a new project going now.  Its a blog where some fellow RDS MVPs and I are now blogging together as a collective unit.  I will still post here as well, but check this new one out:

Hope you like it! We are just getting ramped up now, but I think over time it will become a great resource for the community.